Monday, 23 February 2009

Some things just look good together!  This is a collection of things on the caravan table last summer....

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Rick took this photo last summer at Polzeath. Gil taught himself how to ride a bike in a few minutes, after YEARS of refusing to try!! He was a complete cutie when younger and made a fab Skeleton Jack in year 2.

This is little Arch when he was about 3 years old... such a cutie! He loves to mess about with Photobooth and comes up with some great images!

Saturday, 14 February 2009

Well, I have finally found the image for this blog, it's one close to my heart, I have always felt a connection to this image by Durer (sorry, can't find the oemlatts!)
Here it is in all its glory!

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

some knitting!

I'm getting to the point where I want to do some cable knitting, but I have to finish the full length Victorian style dressing gown first... (I'm on ball 15 of 19)  It's quite hard to photograph as it is a wonderful charcoal colour and doesn't show up too well... 
There's a close up of the stitches and the photo in Rowan's Bead, Buttons and Lace book and a photo showing the size of it so far..  I'll get better photos soon.

Here are 2 sac boys I knitted just after xmas, as the boys fell under the spell of Little Big Planet on the PS3.  I wasn't sure about the knitting pattern, as when I read it through, it didn't seem to make sense, but then I thought I would just have a go and hey presto! it made complete sense and worked! 

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Those photos are looking a bit lonely, so here are some more!  The male model was fun to do as it was a one-day sculpture session and previously we had only had female models.  The only problem was that I had concentrated on the overall piece for so long, time was running out and I hadn't done his doo-dah.  The only way would have been to peer into his personal area.. which I COULDN'T do... so I had to make it up!! 
The pregnant woman was the 1st sculpture I ever did!  Here you can see that I have made the mould for the back and took the photo just before doing the front!
The dancers are all copper wire and modelling wax.  I think to a degree, these are the ones I enjoyed the most as the results were so immediate... but the 'buzz' wasn't so intense!!

Getting started!

Well, by trying to leave a comment on my sister's blog, I have gone and got one myself!  It'll be a good place to stick some photo's of some of the things I get up to when not cooking, cleaning, studying and all the tiresome stuff one has to do in order to keep the ball rolling!
Right, I'll start by showing some sculpture I did a few years ago.....  
This was at an evening class in Hove and was really enjoyable.  I used bog-standard clay and over a few weeks got the form that I was really pleased with.  The boring bit was building the mould and praying that it took!  Thankfully it did, so I could cast it with cement and fibre glass.  The finish that you see was from 1st putting a brown wood dye on the cement and then working up layers of tan shoe polish... Sounds weird, but the effect is stunning... looks the real thing... and weighs like it!!!