Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Getting started!

Well, by trying to leave a comment on my sister's blog, I have gone and got one myself!  It'll be a good place to stick some photo's of some of the things I get up to when not cooking, cleaning, studying and all the tiresome stuff one has to do in order to keep the ball rolling!
Right, I'll start by showing some sculpture I did a few years ago.....  
This was at an evening class in Hove and was really enjoyable.  I used bog-standard clay and over a few weeks got the form that I was really pleased with.  The boring bit was building the mould and praying that it took!  Thankfully it did, so I could cast it with cement and fibre glass.  The finish that you see was from 1st putting a brown wood dye on the cement and then working up layers of tan shoe polish... Sounds weird, but the effect is stunning... looks the real thing... and weighs like it!!!

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  1. A pleasure to look at your beautiful sculptures again! Happy Easter! xx