Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Those photos are looking a bit lonely, so here are some more!  The male model was fun to do as it was a one-day sculpture session and previously we had only had female models.  The only problem was that I had concentrated on the overall piece for so long, time was running out and I hadn't done his doo-dah.  The only way would have been to peer into his personal area.. which I COULDN'T do... so I had to make it up!! 
The pregnant woman was the 1st sculpture I ever did!  Here you can see that I have made the mould for the back and took the photo just before doing the front!
The dancers are all copper wire and modelling wax.  I think to a degree, these are the ones I enjoyed the most as the results were so immediate... but the 'buzz' wasn't so intense!!

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  1. The photos look wonderful, a real celebration of your artistic skill. I will watch your blog with interest, Lois x